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What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been practiced in Asian countries such as China or Japan over thousands years and spreaded into Western countries from the 16th to the 19th century. Acupuncture is a form of treatment by inserting very fine needles on the skin at specific points to restore balance the body to heal itself.

Treatment Tools

Acupuncture needles

In our clinic, pre-sterile disposable and very thin needles (about 0.14-0.2mm) are used. Very gentle technique make you feel comfotable. Some clients experience a slight pricking sensation when the needle goes in, but once the needle is placed, it goes away and clients feel relaxed.


Daiza kyu

Moxibustion is a therapy using the burning of mugwort (moxa).
We use smokeless moxa rolls and a moxa box in our clinic. They are indirect moxa, therefore pain-free and reduce the risk of burning.
Most clients feel comfortable with moxibustion.
You could be recommended to apply moxa at home.

Warm Needle (Onshin / Nesshin)


Warm Needle Therapy (it is also called "Nesshin 熱鍼" (nes as netsu = heat 熱, shin = needle 鍼), or Onshin 温鍼 (on 温= warm) therapy) is one of the Japanese meridian therapy styles by using a blunt-shaped hand-held, warm metal rod to gently stimulate meridians and areas of the body.